The Promised Land.

The Ten Commandments according to 7 year olds:


“When God says, “don’t steal,” is he referring to my brother’s parachute toys?”

“So we aren’t even supposed to steal when the other person isn’t looking?”

“Can we take it and say someone else did it?”

“To covet is like being jealous. Jealous is when all your friends have a buzz cut and you don’t because your mom doesn’t like buzz cuts.”

“No that’s not what jealousy is. Jealousy is when someone has cooler toys than you. It has nothing to do with haircuts.”

“Putting God first means to never eat a hot dog before I pray.”

“So instead of saying “oh my God,” we should say, “I love God?” I don’t get it.”

“If we shouldn’t say “Oh my God, my mom is in BIG trouble.”

“I don’t understand this assignment so I just drew a bunch of random rainbows. My favorite is the one with the leprechaun.”

“Honoring our parents means we should always smile at them, and sometimes hug them.”

“Not killing means we should never ever pick up a gun.”

“The Sabbath? Does that mean we have to take baths on Sundays? Because I like showers.”

“I lost my diary key, and there is nothing else I can think about. I’m worshipping a false God, aren’t I?”

“I’m 8, so ten is way too many rules.”


Please keep in your prayers:

“There is this place where we go to on vacation, I believe its called North Carolina, and my grandmother comes with us. She has a dog named Wiggles. And this is the prayer part: there is a turtle hospital with a lot of turtles. This one turtle only has one eye because it got hit by a boomerang. And it runs into walls. Or crawls. What is it called when turtles bang into things? I hope that turtle finds a home and doesn’t die in the hospital. But actually it’s not allowed to ever leave the hospital.”

“I would like to pray for myself. I’m going to get a cold soon.”

“My hermit crab got better. In gramitude.”


And a little theology for your Tuesday:

A conversation between James, and his best friend and cousin Bailey:

“James, God can never die. Not ever.”

“God can die!”

“No! God cannot die and he doesn’t even have a lightsaber.”

“Yes he can, he died on the Cross!”

“But that didn’t really kill him.”

“Well, it killed him a little bit.”


A nighttime prayer by Josie:

“Let’s sing Patty Cake to Jesus.”


James’ take on the 5th commandment:

“Can I have this candy?”

“No, not before dinner.”

“Oh. But, God says I can. So, could you open it for me?”


Happy Tuesday.


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