Mom confessions.

1) This morning it took me 47 minutes to run 3 miles. It’s not that I’m that slow of a runner, Josie is just that obsessed with putting toys in toilets and flushing.

2) Last night eating dinner took 60 minutes and produced 4 billion tears. Even when asparagus is wrapped in bacon, its still not cheese.

3) Apparently, I have been entirely too liberal with my justification “if you can’t make it to the bathroom when we are playing outside, it’s ok to pee in the grass.” Today, during preschool pickup, after hearing 8 people say “wow, looks like you have your hands full,” as well as, “can I help you carry someone?” James announced, “I have to pee.” I took a deep breath full of frustration, as the burn in my left bicep grew stronger from carrying the baby seat that weighs 400 lbs, at least, for too many minutes. We had gone inside 3 different times. The first time was to get his backpack. The second time, he forgot his homemade kite. The third time, he wanted a cookie and there was a whole table full of them displayed for all the children to see just before lunchtime. Just as I was about to open the door to go back inside yet again, he said, “it’s ok mommy,” and proceeded to pull down his pants.

4) And speaking of pee, who makes the best plastic sheets? We need some.

5) I was asked to make eggplant parmesan for a gathering this evening. Josie decided she wanted to help mid greek yogurt snack. The thing about Josie is one minute she’s happily sitting perfectly and quietly eating neat spoonfuls of a high protein dairy snack. In the next second, as I turned around from manning the stove, she’s on the counter with a handful of already breaded eggplant in her very creamy yogurt drenched hand. My apologies to all of the party-goers.

6) For some reason, I have a hard time paying attention to the actual temperature of one day to the next. On Tuesday, I saw the sun, and put shorts and tshirts on all of my kids and myself, because its almost May, and I already put the coats away. Tuesday morning was actually cold, and the hats and coats on every single kid at James’ school quickly drew my attention to my lack of it.

7) A few weeks ago, there was an incident with Rita, a grocery cart, a parking lot, and the wind. Guardian angels are real.

8) The first place commenter on this blog is…my mom.

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