they bounced, they ate cake, james peed in the grass again.

Neither of them were ready to wake up from their naps, but as soon as I said “bounce house” they were in the car with their shoes on before I could finish “and birthday cake.” Children outnumbered adults at least 1,000 to 1, or so it seemed, or maybe thats just the way my kids make me feel. The colorful castle happily rebounded with every bounce as the children repeatedly broke all of the rules and the adults wondered how no one had broken their neck yet. The intensity in James’ eyes explained the sweat beading down his forehead, and fueled his determination to recover from every almost boo-boo when he bounced out of the house and hitting the pavement wasn’t quite as forgiving. Josie fully realized that the other children’s preoccupation with jumping repeatedly and clumsily gave her free reign to their left over popcorn, juice, macaroni and cheese, cake, and various eating utensils. Because she is taking the term “terrible two” seriously, she also got in two fights, tried to ride a tricycle in the house, and threw a fork at the hostess’ father. 99% of my conversations ended mid-sentence with the words, “I lost Josie again,” and began with “have you seen my daughter?” James confused the putting green with “watch this drive,” and pulled down his pants to pee in the grass which was only seen by Jim, but now its part of a blog post, so sorry about your grass, Natalie. Josie ate as many pieces of cake as children left over, and James, itching for more bounce, finished his entire piece in one crumbly, messy bite that would have probably caused choking or vomiting in most other children. It was one of the most enjoyable parties I have ever attended. The happiest of birthdays to you, sweet girls. 

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