A MomWorkOut…at the EDEL GATHERING!!

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Do you bend down roughly 6 billion times a day picking up various objects on the floor and go to bed each night wondering why your back hurts?

Do you find it difficult to muster the energy or motivation to workout even though you’ve been dressed for it all day?

Do you ever feel like you lack the strength that a mom needs to fulfill daily tasks without pain or discomfort?

Are you in search of getting in shape but have no time to get to a gym?

Do your babies wake up screaming at the first sounds of a workout video?

Is your only space to store workout equipment taken up by toys?

Has pregnancy made your core muscles weak and less effective than you would like?

Do you like me?

Then the MomWorkOut is for you!

I am happy to announce that at this year’s Edel Gathering, yours truly is looking forward to meeting you and making you sweat. It will take place Saturday morning at 8:00am. In my first stint as an amateur blogger who also is also an amateur workout instructor, I will be leading the MomWorkOut. I think it will be plenty of sweaty fun. But, only if you join me.

This is Why I am Excited to lead it:

I am a mom of 3 under 4 with a 4th baby on the way. For me, fitness is much less about appearance, and much more about function, faith and fun. It’s about finding an outlet to relieve stress. It is a chance to realize specific goals in a way that I enjoy and that works with the demands of my daily life. It’s about doing things that are difficult on purpose for God, my family, myself. It’s about having enough strength to lift my babies, enough energy to clean the house and play with my kids with less physical discomfort, especially when pregnant.

Before becoming a mom, working out was tedious, more about feeling less guilty about eating, and mostly horrible. I pushed through lots of cardio, ran a few races, came to love the endorphins. Yet, when I became a mom, I realized more than ever that a body that can give life to the world can surely finish a 10K with strength, grace, and a big fat smile. The guilt about eating, not eating, working out, not working out, running too much or too little began to greatly diminish. Freedom and fun took hold of the guilt and smashed it. I began completing several road races, triathlons and now, I CrossFit. I have grown stronger and happier, and I would like to spread the message.

Here are Five Reasons why you should join me.

1. The Workout is designed specifically for Moms
As moms our bodies are under core strength stress, limited sleep, and demanding schedules. The movements and exercises will be designed specifically with a mom’s body and mental disposition in mind.

2. It is Fast
Diapers! Laundry! Dinner! Cleaning! Carpool! Playtime! PlayDates! ETC! Time is of the essence! The MomWorkOut is meant to be short and intense. We will be done within 20 minutes, yet complete enough work to get us stronger, healthier, and holier.

3. It is Simple
No Equipment. Simple Movement Patterns. At an individual Pace. No Athletic Coordination Necessary. Can easily be recreated in the middle of the family room when Edel is over.

4. It is Free
And you might learn something!

5. It will be Fun
In addition to the opportunity of witnessing a very clumsy 31 Week pregnant woman instruct a workout while waddling as morning entertainment, I promise it will be fun.

Despite my general fear of traveling to cities alone in which I know no one, I’m facing my fear and eager to workout with you! Sign up and spread the word!


 3 minutes after nursing my 3 month old, I jumped into a very dirty river and swam with several floating, dead fish. WE CAN DO THIS! SEE YOU AT EDEL!

And for the best Inspiration: A Video of my baby doing burpees



Also, while there is no need to sign up, I would love an email or comment if you are coming! Wear what you want, move how you want, have a blast.

5 (favorite) Reasons to Rent the Runway

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A black tie wedding fit for Princess Kate in a dress of her own finally committed me towards trying the service that lets me afford to wear a dress of someone much richer. Friends of style have raved and cheered and looked awesome. Business executives have rightfully marveled over the two Harvard creator’s business savvy. Its called Rent the Runway, and it is perhaps the most inclusionary, convenient, and financially wise idea to hit normal people fashion since the genius of Marshall’s.


It works like this: Browse the hundreds and hundreds of high end designer dresses from 120 of the industry’s top designers including everyone from Missoni to Oscar de La Renta, to Tibi and Elizabeth and James, to Marchesa and Carolina Herrara. Pay as low as $30 to wear dresses worth as much as $3500 and feel like a million stylish $ for a special night or the entire four days during your rental ownership.

5 Reasons Why I was scared:

1. I won’t find my style

2. It won’t fit

3. It will be too long and, thus, a waste of money

4. I won’t be able to figure out the return policy

5. I’ll hate not owning it

5 FAVORITE Reasons Why it’s my new Favorite

1. Designers at a Discount

While I think almost 4 kids and pushing 30 qualifies me for buying investment pieces, there is something scary and mostly stupid about dropping top dollar for trends because as Heidi Klum likes to remind us while wearing short skirts, “one day you are in and the next you are out.” Additionally, even though approximately my cousins pay attention to my Instagram, internet pictures can easily wreak havoc on feeling good about outfit repeats. So! Instead of spending who knows on a who knows, $30 to test something thats $1900? I’ll take it!

2. Dresses for Everyone

With 120 designers from which to choose and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of styles, trends, classics, dreams that are actually affordable, there is truly a dress for everyone!!!! As a 25 week pregnant woman who stands at 5 feet nothing let me be living proof that there are dresses for everyone. And, hemming tape is delivered with dress. Hunting and reading the profiles is key. Kind women who have worn the dress offer height, age, weight, body type and photos to indicate whether or not a particular style will work. Stylists offer one on one help. It’s actually difficult to mess it up. AND! Choose two sizes for no additional cost and a whole different dress for just $25!

3. Delivered to your Door

Too many babies to try on a dress at the mall? Too busy staring at unfolded laundry? Spaghetti again? Shipping costs adding up to much more than just $30? RENT THE RUNWAY!

4. Easy Return and Easy Refund

When day four arrives, slip the beauty into a UPS drop box and wait for a super friendly email confirming its arrival back at RTR.    Buyers remorse or it doesn’t fit? Call them and they will credit you!


Its so easy, a mom who just accidentally crashed the car with three screaming children inside, can do it.

5. Its so much fun to borrow clothes!!!

So much fun. We all felt like a Bagillion. Do it!








A few of my favorites:


Missoni: Real Price $1900, $RTR 30


Herve Leger RTR $80, Retail $1950


Nicole Miller, RTR $90, Retail $485



Halston Heritage: THE MOST MATERNITY FRIENDLY DESIGNER!!!! RTR $100, Retail $585


Tibi: RTR $30, Retail $475

But buyer beware: RTR tends to be generous and offer a free makeup SURPRISE! Babies, or rather, my baby, can sense that sort of potential happiness, and spread it all over a bed spread, their face, and can even get it dangerously close to a very expensive gown that is not mine. Additionally, 3 year olds, and also 4 year olds, but especially 1 year olds, do not, I repeat DO NOT, understand “no touching its a rental!” Keep baby wipes close by and run out on a dream date with the husband 🙂 Also, if Monday morning rolls around and a late night of baby in utero partying kept you up much too late to function, and the dress must go back, just be sure all four doors of the car are securely closed before backing out of the garage. Or else, the car door breaks. And your children might make fun of you. And you might deserve it.


I’m not even a little bit getting paid for this, so believe me. 



Five Favorite Mom Friendly Fall Fashions

Urban Dictionary has been successfully and traumatically offending me since I started using it to look up all the high school slang heard on the back of the bus that I didn’t understand and still don’t. It remained true to form today, and is the back of the bus still cool?

The following (abbreviated) definitions should be removed because we can do better than keds!

MOMFIT: Similar to Mom Jeans but includes the whole outfit. They are comfortable but not flattering. Sometimes white keds are involved.

MOMIFORM: An outfit worn by a 30 something mom that has lost all sense of style. They include capri-pants, flats or crocs.

Even though I’m still in my 20s and haven’t worn keds since kindergarten, I’ve had many a momfit moments, like the time I recently dropped off James at preschool in the same shirt in which I slept, or all those other times I wore my spandex all day and will still, or used dry shampoo for three days in a row, or worked out in my jeans, or decided the vomit didn’t actually smell that bad. A recent resolution, however, is to get dressed, at least a few times a week, in things other than spandex, even if at the end of the day the way I’m sporting the coated jean trend is through a terrible yogurt/Cheetos excess cheese mixture. The following are few of my favorite tried and true fall fashions that work for me as a mom and further demonstrate urban dictionary’s error.

1. Pleather: It wipes off!

I prefer “Vegan Leather,” actually because it sounds less plastic and more expensive, except it isn’t. Not to offend the Vegans, but I do own and love real leather things, especially the moto- jacket Jim purchased for me as a bday present, but, it can be tough to spend hundreds of $$$ on trends, and I also eat tons of cheese, and I really like it, so here I am offending. The number 1 reason I love this trend IT WIPES OFF! Grab a baby wipe and discipline with conviction, even toddlers will intuitively understand not to mess with a mom in a motorcycle jacket.

These Vera Vegan Leather Leggings from Anthropologie do wonders for the bum and an attitude. They may be more suitable for a date night, but just in case a bowl of macaroni and cheese spills all over the floor and these pants just as the babysitter is taking the reigns, fear not. Walk past the diaper changing station on the way out the door, steal a wipe, and have a drink or three in these awesome leggings. And when their price is compared to these ones at $794 which look awfully similar:


If a whole panel of leather, pleather, well worked plastic, is too much, I recently purchased this very practical and moderately priced top from Express that offers a just a touch of the trend.

2. Maxi Dress: Bend over with confidence, Squat with no fear.

For the past few seasons, I stupidly convinced myself that I’m too short for a maxi. One brave day I found an $8 clearance striped racer-back at Marshalls. It looked short and cost the right amount of dollars to experiment with shrinking and wearing. The dryer trick made up for never hitting puberty and as I bent over all day long, cool as could be, exposing nothing, running and playing, each and every one of my 60 inches walked tall. Beyond kid wrangling practicality, they translate from summer into fall faster than a long sleeve t-shirt or pullover can be pulled over your head.

Piperline is having some good sales. Go to girl on a budget, maxi dress.

3. Boot Wedges: Run like the Wind, Wear capri pants without notice

I’m positive this one is old news, but just found these boots

I’m in loove. Great for preggo hurting feet, or regular hurting feet, awesome for a mom chasing after spirited or (disobedient) children, best at discretely hiding summer/spring short pants. Find them (still full price unfortunately) at anthropologie

4. Infinity Scarf: too many reasons to list

Okay, so the one I own and wear is made of spandex and from Lululemon, but maybe I’ll spice it up soon with a graphic pattern or jewel tone? Is that in? I’m pretty much only up on this season’s leather trend.

Here are a whole bunch of things that I do with it.

– it keeps me warm

– it looks nice – its on trend

– it can cover my face when my kids do something bad and I’m laughing but if they see me laughing I’m toast

– it can wrap a newborn when I forget to pack a blanket (always)

– it can hide a nursing baby anytime

– It can be wrapped in a way that covers my bum after a workout

– It can be wrapped to sort of look like a shirt after a work out

– It helps me feel like I sort of accessorized my spandex get ups just in case I don’t fulfill my getting dressed resolution

– I can make it into a hood and pretend to be star wars characters

– I can lay it down on a gross surface when I need to change a diaper

– It can wipe up a mess juuussst in case – It washes well incase it’s a mess

– It’s a way better airplane blanket than those navy felt things they cut back on

5. Duffle purse: ditch the diaper bag, unless you really like yours.

I hope to not offend anyone else with what I’m about to say, especially not the Vegans again, but diaper bags are just a little bit stupid. Sure they have pockets, but paying bucks for less than desirable looking fabrics is just not worth it to me. My fashion enthusiast friend recommended one like this:

I prefer a cross body deal because no hands need to be wasted dealing with a purse when they probably should be used holding a hand or wiping a nose. The ones pictured above have a removable cross body strap taking the bag from the park to dinner or somewhere else that doesn’t require holding hands in a parking lot unless there is married flirting involved. I pack what I need in plastic bags if it doesn’t have enough pockets, and then the kids throw their trash wherever they want making the plastic bag thing pointless.

Happy Shopping! Go buy something leather! but first head to MoxieWife for more!