I run.

I run.

I run to be faster, stronger, and a better me
To race against the last time, the doubt, and the anxiety
I run to escape myself, my responsibilities
but mostly to find out who I am, and who God wants me to be.

The soreness, the knees, the man, that hurts a lot.
Its all somehow worth it, and eagerly, consciously sought.

I run to think, to pray, to be
Peaceful, thankful, endlessly.

Nothing can capture the runner free
Not a thought, a judgement, an evil act.
The runner will beat them, smoke them, and then seek them,
to say, “its ok,” you’ve tried, but, you will never catch me.

My thoughts and prayers for all of those in Boston, and those not in Boston; those watching and praying, not understanding, who, what, how, or why.

Marathons make heroes.