Five (sort of) Favorites: Maternity Clothes

Finally linking with Hallie again!


If you ever find me picketing (waddling) the streets of Washington with the Feminists anytime soon it might be because of maternity clothes.

While I fully apologize to MLK for this, I have a dream that one day I will be able to walk into a high end department store and browse entire collections of beautiful designer clothes made to fit a pregnant woman well, without the fear of the overpriced dress fabric potentially catching on fire if I stand too close to a birthday cake.

I have a dream that women will no longer be asked to spend twice as much on fabric that is significantly cheaper to manufacture. I have a dream that when shopping I will not have to search so so so much harder to find something that fits during a stage of femininity that should be celebrated and considered normal.

I have a dream that one day when I swim laps at 9 months pregnant I will not be asked to wear a bikini because absolutely no athletic brands make a full piece swimsuit that fits a pregnant athlete.

I’m dreaming of a day when compression technology leaves me less itchy and more comfortable, sans looking like a grandma, because swollen veins hurt and shouldn’t have to be ugly too. Of self-expressive colors and prints with fewer ill placed bows and ruching. Of a recognition that not all pregnant people are one size; some of us are petite and still need to buy pants. That diaper butts should be reserved for infants. That price hijacking should be illegal.

I have a dream that designers will view making clothes for a pregnant figure as beautiful and desirable as the flat stomach because pregnancy is the natural result of all that sex they are always trying to sell.

Please join me in my drama because, women, we deserve better. Most of us happily and actively choose to get pregnant in prime fashion years, and here we are reduced to choosing between expensive yet cheap, hot, itchy fabrics and would you like that sizable bow on your back just above the pregnant bum or around your large belly to make it larger on this shirt that costs about 3 cents to make?

This pregnancy I’m attempting to push the boundaries of my style and experiment with colors, shapes, fabrics, and, even, buttons. Thus, I’m wearing as few “maternity” clothes as possible.

Here are my five forced favorite finds so far:

1. JCrew Pant

While they still fall down, they do so less. While the fabric would keep me warm in a snow storm, it is well made and reserves the diaper butt for my baby. If I went to work, I would wear these there. I will point out that the non maternity version of the exact same pants is $40 cheaper than the maternity. Not fair!

2. Lululemon No Limits Tanks


I sized up one, and my belly is all good and covered and it stays in place. The luon absorbs the sweat and moves great.

3. Maxi Dress Via Shopbop

I have yet to wear it, and I might look like a tent, but its cool and flowy and a great color.

4. Anthropologie tops
Although not advertised to pregnants, this is my favorite maternity store, when I find a sale.


5. Hatch and Rosie Pope


I’ve only browsed. Has anyone tried? Worth the price?

Happy dressing to you, not matter your current size, shape, or reproductive stage!

12 thoughts on “Five (sort of) Favorites: Maternity Clothes

  1. This seriously had me laughing because yes, what is with all the big obnoxious bows on maternity clothing?! Haha love you miss you! I want to live inside anthropologie. Let’s talk about it over dessert. When are you free this summer??? Or do I have to stalk you at the pool swimming laps in a nonfunctional maternity suit?

  2. This is so true! With my first pregnancy, I think I had some kind of “beer goggle” equivalent when it came to clothes while I shopped because it all looked great in the store but then I got it home, wore it and looked in the mirror and immediately thought “what the heck were they thinking about when they decided a big round belly would look good in this?” And don’t get me started on the itch factor of the cheap material.
    With Daniel, I decided less maternity wear was more and purchased only 1 dress and one pair of capris. I was able to wear mostly non-maternity clothes throughout and was much happier (and looked less like a tent). I even wore regular jeans (a size up from normal) until 40 weeks when I decided that the waistband MUST be what was keeping me pregnant and preventing my baby from bring born so I stopped and switched to skirts/dresses/yoga pants for the last week. 😉
    I would join a picket line with you in this protest, especially over the pricing – bigger belly doesn’t equal bigger wallet.

  3. Yes, why are maternity clothes so expensive? Do these companies want women to hand over their firstborns just so they can afford to clothe themselves during pregnancy? I’m confused.

  4. “I have a dream that designers will view making clothes for a pregnant figure as beautiful and desirable as the flat stomach because pregnancy is the natural result of all that sex they are always trying to sell.” You nailed it!!!! I’m sorry, but why, as a pregnant woman, do I feel like an anomaly? THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS PEOPLE!!! lol, love it.

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