Playing Catch UP

Let me half way catch you up:

Internet Disappearance: Despite what posting frequency may indicate, this blog is not dying. Its resting. Or rather, its pregnant. For very good reason, its typer’s brain turns mostly to mush more frequently than it is active. In certain moments its quite easy to grow in frustration as my to do lists grow more undone. Yet, then I remember that even when nothing is done and I’m still exhausted, I probably gave my baby a working limb or helped dozens of important organs thrive and that much closer to viability. And what is Lent and Holy Week without a little healthy detachment from things and hobbies and lists and check marks on those lists. With the week of Easter being the 17th of this baby’s gestational life, I am noticing slightly more brain activity, and significantly fewer meetings with my face and the toilet, which, will hopefully enable more consistency in doing the dozens of other things that seem to lose importance when the making and growing of another human being within my own body is involved.

Easter: Their fervent speed might have rivaled even John’s, the fastest of the disciples, and biggest brother, James, let that be known. The orange, purple and pink Pumas for each successive child found in their Easter baskets may have made no difference in actual speed, but their laps around the kitchen island felt at least “hours” (pronounced “ow-wows”) faster than the shoes they wore the day before. Rita proved her mother wrong as she managed to open each and every one of the dozens and dozens of candy filled plastic eggs which she found, crushed open with force never before exposed in her personality, then devoured each candy with speed rivaling her siblings leg rotation in their new light up shoes. Josie received her sale price Easter dress with joy, yet continued to question why she couldn’t have the crazy priced toddler Oscar de La Renta. I think more frequent trips to TJ Maxx and Marshall’s is the prescription to regain and educate a future maxxinista and not a spendtoomuch-a. Jim and I received the greatest honor of all when as we held and witnessed our new Godson’s baptism on the very day which God revealed his love to the world in its purest most joyful form. And then we ate the sweetest and most delicious Easter meals at least 7 times more than a daily caloric intake requires. Risen, indeed.

Baseball: A patriarchal obsession for generations in this family has been successfully passed onto my son. As he squats behind each batter he usually chooses his middle finger to signal to the pitcher. He will run any distance to retrieve the ball, and in an Easter miracle all its own, I found the requested orange (pronouced ow-ange) leather mitt with which he is slowly learning how to catch. Josie will run the bases in fast circles again and again and again, while baby sister Rita mostly eats grass and kills bugs. Dad uses his most calm instruction and coaching technique to create an almost perfectly wonderful family bonding activity. Upon asking James to kindly refrain from repeatedly spitting on his sister when he has the ball, he reminds me emphatically that, “that’s what baseball players do” and quite honestly, it was tough to argue. With so many happy memories in our very own backyard with new mitts and bats in learning a classic pastime, I think I’m quite alright with raising a team of my own.

A Petting Zoo: In another edition of “Mammy is the Greatest!!!!” my mom hosted the most joyous of celebrations for our newly adopted cousin named Carson. Its been a long road to officially make him part of this family and she, as always, celebrated the only way she knows how; by creating an over the top childhood dreamland that even a child who has yet to produce the cognitive brain power of concrete memory will indubitably remember. One item on the list of so so so many fun things? A petting zoo. Its highlight? Rita generously feeding several farm animals a bottle of milk and then taking a few sips for herself. Teeth have never been brushed so hard by a crazy mom. And in a new way to puzzle me, she eagerly fed, chased, pet, rode each and every strange looking, possibly hybrid farm animal with gleeful delight. Yet, when it came to my introducing her to the cute yellow chick, she ran away in a good amount of horror toward the extra large llama for protection in one of the most confusing displays of almost toddler behaviors I have ever witnessed.

A Preschool Recital: If there is ever a person questioning God’s love or existence in this world may I suggest attending an event during which several small children sing with choreographed hand motions? James walked onto the stage right along side best friend and cousin Bailey, and as he spotted his family, he gave a smile and a wave to Rita, making his specificity known to all with a “Hi Rita!!” I hope it sticks with her always because she smiled the widest smile, fully scrunched nose and shoulders included. They sang several songs and I only cried a little bit. I’d like to take the opportunity to blame it on pregnancy hormones, but it was really just me being a mom witnessing her first born preform on stage in a suit much too large for a boy that was only recently swaddled and in my arms. Afterwards he got extra bright blue icing and chocolate cake over said suit and released several decorative balloons into the sky very much on purpose bringing me right back to the type of emotional mom moments that include phrases like “would you like a nap today?”

To be blogged one day soon: (hopefully tomorrow!!) A roaring house party with an easy full proof DIY, and a First Holy Communion that inspired more waterworks than a box of tissues allows.

The happiest of Holy, Holy, Holy Sundays to you. JP2, I love you!

2 thoughts on “Playing Catch UP

  1. My daughter’s a lover of shopping so I, too, have a future in teaching her how to have style on a budget. It sounds like life has been FULL for you lately, which is a really joyous thing. Blogs come second always.

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