She Simply Wrapped Me! And I loved it.

As we drove along I mentioned, “so I think I’m going to try that wrapping thing that my friend Katlyn is always raving about.”

“What’s a wrap thing?” my husband asked.

“Its one of those good feeling things for my skin. It will probably help with cellulite” I poorly explained.

“Cellulite? Do you have that?” he asked.

“I think you know…”

“You are going to let her wrap your butt?”

And with that unintentional yet fully implied insult, I set the wrapping party for Tuesday at 5:30.


The company is called It Works! and it actually does. Skeptical like I always am about new products, my main motivation was learning about the business of a friend. Happily and presently surprised with the results and relaxing experience, I now come to the blogosphere with a sincere endorsement, and a huge Stay At Home Mom stamp of approval.

And while I failed to snap an adequate “before” photo, I did manage to get the “after.”

Disclaimer: Lace Dress not included in the effects of Wraps, and though the results were stellar, this is all a figment of my imagination.

If the projection of adopting the altar ego Sasha Fierce for my own doesn’t sell it, maybe my real experience will.

It was as if a private spa knocked on my door, yet it costs way less and I sat on my couch chatting with a wise and well informed salesperson as the botanicals and natural ingredients began to cool, tingle and sooth my tired, winter-dry skin. Though Rita’s persistent scissor stealing repeatedly interrupted the experience, it was as relaxing as this mom-life gets, and my skin felt GREAT. It was refreshed, hydrated, and super duper smooth. Try it!!

Katyln also left me with a facial that I had been holding onto until a stressful day that required a relaxing ending. After witnessing sweet Josephine attempt to ride her bike down the basement steps, I picked last night. Although Jim briefly confused my masked face with Hannibal Lecter, my combination oily/dry/still fighting teenage acne due to fluctuating hormones, feel smoother, cleaner, and less tired.

My only regret is not inviting more friends over to do it with me!!

The company sells lots of great feeling products including skincare, body wraps, and even health supplements.

Email Katlyn at for more info!!

Happy Thursday!

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