5 favorite at home workouts: CrossFit Inspired, Stay at Home Mom Approved

This week as a way to show my love for Jenny’s Wellness Project and Natalie’s #30daymommybootcamp, as well as share my secret for staying sort-of sane, I’ve compiled five of my favorite workouts that require no equipment, space, and barely any time.  All workouts have been tested on my family room area rug while 3 children play/mostly misbehave, and are timed at about 10 minutes or less.

I learned how to properly perform these movements at CrossFit, and if possible, that’s where I like to do them. Since the mom-life can make it difficult to get out, there are lots of days that I do the following workouts barefoot and with babies. But, If you are in Pittsburgh and able, I really- really- very- very much recommend Alpha Athletics.

As gym class graduates, most of you may already know how to perform the movements. If I had spent less time purposefully messing up volleyball rotation, I may have learned them there too. Just in case of memory lapse, pregnancy brain, or a shared skill in distracting the gym teacher, consult the following videos for proper technique and a glimpse of extremely toned muscles.





1) 10 minute Total body workout:

1 minute of squats

2 minutes burpees

1 minute pushups

2 minutes sit-ups

1 minute jumping jacks

1 minute of squats

2 minutes burpees

Keep track of your reps and see how you improve over time!


2) For your bum:

5 Rounds (or more depending on how badly it hurts) of:

10 squats

10 lunges

Keep track of time and see how it improves!


3) AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 10 minutes

10 squats

10 situps

10 pushups


4) Get back your six pack right before you get pregnant again

10 Rounds

10 situps

30 second plank


5) NO Rest for the Weary

100 lunges

100 squats

100 burpees

Again, Keep track of your time and see how much it improves over time!


These movements make my motherhood easier, and since clumsy is my most frequent form of movement, you can trust me when I say that they don’t take all too much coordination. The better and more consistently I do them, the less my back hurts, and the stronger I feel. The shortness of the workouts encourages intensity, thus releasing aggression, thus protecting my husband and children from a crazy frustrated mom or furiously folded laundry.

And for your entertainment, and my embarrassment, I’m including a video of me deadlifting a weight that is almost equal, but still a lot less than, the weight of a full size human being approximately 6 inches off of the ground. I never thought I would care about lifting a heavy load, but experiencing an increase of strength really does feel quite good even though the video indicates a very bad mood.


To stronger backs and better bums!

Go to Moxiewife for better 5 favorites!

6 thoughts on “5 favorite at home workouts: CrossFit Inspired, Stay at Home Mom Approved

  1. I’m currently taking a ‘butts and guts’ class, lol, and what I really love is that I can do pretty much all of it at home on my days off. It’s amazing how much stronger a few simple things make you feel!

  2. ok, maybe a silly question, but here goes. Do you do ALL of these exercises EVERYDAY? And if you do, do you break them up, like some in the morning and some at night? Or do you do them all at once?

    I am not fit in any way shape or form. I just started this, because I probably will never ever join a gym. I have 4 kids and I home school them, and the daycare fee at the local gym is outrages. Anyway, I only did the first set (10 minute total workout), and I feel as though I have been hit by a truck, in a good way. I like feeling as though I did something for myself. But, I think I will have to work slowly to incorporate all of the exercises.

    Thanks in advance for your time!

    • thank you so much for the comment! NO I DO NOT DO THESE EVERYDAY!!! just one of these is my ENTIRE workout. if i realllllly want a long workout, i might try to squeeze in a 1 mile or 2 mile run first or attempt 2 of them, but goodness no! so excited you tried a workout!!!

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