My Favorite Fancy Dresses that other Better Looking People were probably paid to wear

Instead of boring you with a picture of “What I Wore to the Grocery Store,” (vegan leather pullover, motorcycle cords –> confidence in discipline) let’s gawk over the pretty people.


Her concert wasn’t my favorite. This dress is awesome and made by one of my favorite and most elegantly feminine designers Carolina Herrera.


It took a significant amount of personal gratitude mantras to silence the jealousy of seeing such a stunning pregnant fashion statement and remembering all those times I looked like a tent. Bravo beauty, and may your pregnancy go well.


Anyone else wonder how much this awesome gown weighs?


This is my favorite of the Black and White trends.


White and Emerald!! I’d maybe spend a salary on this one.



I know lots of smarter fashion critics hated this but I thought it was so much fun and a fresh take on baby pink and baby blue. These are also the colors of the tutus Josie most frequently requests I wear, so maybe I’m just reminded of the joys of playing dress up.



Classic and fits like a glove.



I have no idea who this is but the color is my favorite and I wonder if she felt like a superhero.

In the unfinished and hilariously fantastic words of Matthew McConaughey “Keep On.”

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Fancy Dresses that other Better Looking People were probably paid to wear

  1. Um, beautiful! And if it were not for you and this post I would not have known the Golden Globes took place, not joking. A big thank you to Good One God for keeping this pathetic housewife in the current event loop. I now have water cooler converstaion starters….I mean grocery line.

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