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Saturday’s Shoe Feast

I escaped showered and in navy velvet patterned pants waving goodbye to a snow covered, yet shoeless James. The remnants of Josie’s all day candy “can” (e) feast made red sticky dots on her mouth, her hands, and several pieces of my furniture. Rita drank a bottle while wearing only her Santa hat, protecting a broken piece of rogue candy cane with the clenched baby death grip of her right hand. Jim climbed a ladder with tangled Christmas lights draped over his neck, and if Clark Griswald were a real person they would have had much to discuss.

Following 30 minutes of no tears driving and one very wrong turn and an awkward entrance into the United States Deportation office, I spotted the emerald green balloons and skipped my way into a showroom faster and with more spunk than Dorothy and friends entering the Emerald city. There it was: dawned with velvet and satin, crystals and bows, cupcakes and champagne, platforms and stilettos, flats for other people taller than me, suede and leather, ribbon and lace, happy girl after happy girl, one very nice male fiancé. Lots of places are referred to as “shoe heaven” and I AM CERTAIN that NONE of them remotely deserve it because this was the real thing.


I was lucky enough to receive and invitation to their Saturday Christmas Sale, and when I say it was the best day of my life, I’m only lying by 4 spots because I’m obligated to put my wedding and birth of my children before a shoe sale. But, one thing is for sure. I said, “this is the best day of my life,” tons of times.

I slipped off my unmatched socks in record time. Then, I removed one heart sticker and one partial buzz light year sticker from the bottoms of my feet. Next, I hogged each and every pair that I could reach, trying on all of them for 10-15 minutes longer than the rest of the shoppers would have liked.

Each was a one of a kind work of art, crafted in Italy, and made with generosity as its inspiration.

Meet Caitlyn and Sara.

image-3 copy

Caitlyn, SCHEÉ‘s founder and owner, didn’t want to just create a unique luxury footwear line of her very own just a few months out of college. NO! She wanted to create a footwear company that makes Charity its first cause and purpose. Fashion, Charity’s twin virtue, is created not just by the way a product looks, but also, by what it stands for. Each season the Schee team picks a cause and creates a superb line of shoes with 5% of the shoe’s purchase being donated to charity.


Go here for more of Caitlyn and Sara’s impressive story and company and while your reading stare at the beauty:

1208730_563100590435213_1845407183_n-1 copy


At first, when Sara showed me this shoe I thought, “I would fall down the steps entirely too often with a shoe with two heels.” Even when my abnormal clumsiness is considered, I was wrong. They are so comfortable and insanely easy to walk in, even for a klutz.

And even though it pains me to say, as a Mom, I have had to hold back a bit more on my shoe purchases. The days of undamaged joints, I could wear heels all day and night day after day, but 3 bambinos and too many road races later, my feet hurt fast. So now, I try to stick to a little “keep the credit card inside the purse,” criteria. The shoe has to be COMFORTABLE without looking COMFORTABLE. And it has to be worth the price. I’m willing to drop some dollas if its worth it: if the shoes last, if they fit, if they are made of red patent leather with crystal flowers…

View larger image
Ok, ok, ok!! Maybe the red patent leather are not 100% appropriate for the sandbox. So I made up for it with these (sandbox appropriateness debatable but playground fashion just got better):

View larger image

They are a wedge. If I ever run a full marathon, I’m confident I could do it in a wedge. And THEY ARE LINED IN VELVET! As I placed my foot into this boot, I repeated the mantra “you already purchased, you already purchased, you already purchased,” and then, I felt the velvet, and the credit card literally splurged from my purse and so did I.

Better than an Ugg by 5 million points in comfort and 5 billion in fashion, and I usually don’t pay attention to these stories but I hear Uggs are really mean to sheep based on my Facebook feed.

I want these.

And if I wore flats I’d buy these.

Reminder: Every Mom is required to open a wrapped present on Christmas morning with her children, and what better thing to open than a brand new pair of shoes, further proving the fact that Christmas miracles do exist and St. Nicholas is real.

If you are rich and famous look at these. (I tried on all of them!) If you have a budget.

Shop Here

Buy for yourself, buy for a friend, buy for your mom, or your favorite blogger. Whomever.

Share this post and Walk to Make a Difference!!!

image-4 copy

(this post was sponsored only by my desire to splurge and share something that I think is amazing.)

Additional Disclaimer: 12 seconds into typing this post, Rita began protesting her nap and won. Like every good mother I gave her a Candy Cane and put her in her highchair. And earlier in the day I lost the daily lunch battle and ate three discarded sandwiches by myself as I stared at my kitchen’s white walls while my kids raced around the kitchen island chanting “PB&J is for losers.” I really needed the shoes 🙂

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