7 Quick Halloween Takes

7 Quick Takes: Things I learned on Halloween and a Blog

1. Kids take costumes seriously.

In his most difficult decision of 2013, James continued to waver his Halloween Costume dilemma of Jesus Vs. Darth Vador. While his mother hoped maybe he would identify more with the archetype that provides salvation for all mankind, her son ultimately decided Darth Vador to be more appealing because “he has a light saber, AND he’s a bad guy. Jesus just has a light saber.” Mom gets an F in Catechesis and spiritual nurturing.

Josephine, having never seen a Disney Princess movie because she only sits still for 30-45 seconds at a time, in addition to some of her parents moral apprehensions involving a desire to shield her from bra exposing fish who like to disobey their fathers, diss their identity, and run away, still possessed the innate (?) female desire to be a princess, so long as she had a “weapon.”

With a baby who uses growl as most preferred form of communication, the role of Chewbacca was filled quite naturally, and since nothing like THEME! makes a mom like me happier, the Internet was hit up and Star Wars costumes delivered by emergency next day air hours before Trick or Treating commenced.

With the costumes in sight, the roles were performed at levels high enough to impress the Academy. It was taken so seriously that even a young boy who requests special non-itchy underwear, agreed to the itchiest- there were absolutely no organic fibers used in the making of his costume- material. And his sister Josie, stood like the golden statue she should be awarded as I parted and hair-sprayed her hair into, I will say so myself, the best toddler Princess Leia hair of all time, hands down. Rita, who, because of her parent’s guilty conscience, was given an opportunity to prance around in a glitter-everywhere!! Cinderella outfit during the day, spotted her Chewbacca uni and growled like the Galaxy was on the line. Even the furry hat was a go.

2. James creates a show whether he is in one or not.

His school put on a medley of Halloween songs in which the preschoolers did not participate. Nonetheless, everyone knew James as he stood on his chair and shouted, “My mammy is here! Everybody! That’s my Mammy,” securing his place as favorite grandchild forever. And any time a friend or cousin participated in a song, James was sure to let everyone know, similar in volume and enthusiasm to Buddy the Elf’s recognition of Santa.

3. Halloween is confusing.

As we parked in the city’s best toddler leg length accommodating neighborhood a few minutes early, we knocked on a house owned by my husband cousins, who eased my feelings regarding my children’s behavior with “its ok, Halloween is confusing.” Each of Galaxy defenders/destroyers, including the one year old, attempted to pile several full size candy bars (they are the most popular Halloween house in the neighborhood) into their pumpkins, one Butterfinger at a time. Following their attempted Kit Kat robbery, James walked all the way into their house and proceeded to empty their toy basket and put it into his pumpkin as well. “I’m trick or treating,” he explained, just before he uttered, “I’m hungry, I want that Pizza” that they were attempting to eat alone as a family before we interrupted. We spent a few more minutes explaining the rules and regulations of taking candy from strangers and moved along.

4. Halloween is really confusing

5-10 seconds after our “take the candy and run,” pep talk, he lifted his cape and climbed up the stairs of the next house, as I remained at the bottom of the stairs, hoping to watch in parental approval. It was the only time I remained at the bottom of any stoop. Possessing no patience whatsoever, before the poor old woman could make it to answer his incessant knocking, he barged right on into her house and said “WHERE IS THE CANDY?” in his Darth Vador voice (a very loud yell). And when I say “into her house” I mean all the way into her house. And Josie ran in behind him, shooting her gun and tapping her feet. We reviewed the rules again.

5. When you turn off your lights, you get called out.

Each and every house that looked like “no one is home,” and failed to leave out a bowl of treats for my kids was both noticed and announced. They stood in front of it, pointed together and yelled “NO BODY IS GIVING CANDY THERE!” Other children noted it, and may or may not have written down their addresses for future devil’s eve antics.

6. Even after Candy is had, HALLOWEEN IS CONFUSING

Questions asked before bed:

“But what are these people names that gave us this candy?”

“Did you know them?”

“Did Daddy know them?”

“Who knows them?”

“When will we go back to their houses to see them?”

“Can we go back there to play tomorrow?”

“Can Christmas be like this?”

7. All Saints Day:

There is nothing like raising three small people with candy hangovers to make me feel less like a saint.

Things I heard today:

“Josie, don’t worry, we can get a chair and reach it later when she talks on the phone.”

“NO Rita. Finish your bottle, then I’ll give you some M&Ms.”

“Here Rita, “I’ll open that sucker for you.”

“Want to be bad, James?”

“Yea, lets be bad!”

“Lock her out!”

“How about we eat our chipkin AFTER just 3 more pieces?”

“I think maybe I’ll just stay inside and watch a wittle bit of TV with some chocolate.”

“Run away!!!”

“Faster Josie, she’s coming!!”

“Want me to feed you some liporish, Rita?”

“Mom! Rita does not want those vegytables! She wants her treats!”

“I know how to open this,” –Josie.

“Look what I’m eating again,” –also Josie.

“Josie, can you help me with this wrapper?”

And if I thought the Chewbacca growls were convincing yesterday, stealing candy from a baby is surely the best way to fire up a furry creature.

I tried to save the day with the super cool puppet craft from Catholic Icing.


Maybe next year?

May the force be with all of you. And may you dare to be Saints.

And while you have your light sabers ready, have you met Jenna? She’s a new blogging buddy, and if there is a blog to get to know, it’s hers. Head to Callherhappy and enjoy a humor, crafting, Catholicism and cute kids. Give her a like and leave a comment!

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