How to Make a Poor Mom’s Black Velvet

Thirsty Thursday! Just like college except not anything like it.


How to make a Poor Man’s Black Velvet

As an amateur blogger, I figured the best way to follow up a post on the importance of working out would be to post about how to make my favorite alcoholic beverage.



It tastes best in the Fall and feels most appropriate in an Irish bar, particularly when Irish guitar players are strumming slightly inappropriate songs (Alice, I hope you have made yourself known).


The truth is, I’ve only ever been to two bars that have made it properly and if you are in the DC area, skip the homemade version and go straight to Murphy’s Pub on King Street. And while the ingredients guarantee delicious despite technique, A Poor Man’s Black Velvet proper is the perfect mix of heavy and light, tart and bitter, delicious and delicious.




Hard Cider or Champagne


FUN FACT: (!) The drink was originally made with Champagne and enjoyed by people who could afford champagne. Cider, easier to come by and able to be made at home by the Irishmen who most commonly enjoyed it, was a cheaper substitute. In my taste buds opinion, Cider is the better way to go and reminds me much more of Fall.


On tap is best, but since most of the bottles in the households of my readers probably consist of plastic and have nipples attached, a can is just fine too.


Necessary Items:

A glass: preferably a clear one so as to showcase the density magic.

A metal spoon.

Paper towel (possibly).



  1. Put the kids to bed.
  2. Grab a glass.
  3. Pour the cider until the glass is half full (optimist!)
  4. Place the spoon over the glass. Pour the Guinness onto the spoon. It is very important that the beer touches the metal first. Why? I don’t understand science so I don’t know. I do know that if a spoon isn’t used the whole thing looks like a normal Guinness and it is just not as fun. Also, if you are clumsy and messy like me, may I suggest pouring in the sink, or use the possibly needed paper towel.

5. Drink!

Another fun fact! Attention all breast feeding moms: Guinness is good for milk production.  According to people who do understand science, “A polysaccharide in the barley used to make beer seems to stimulate prolactin, which helps moms make more milk.”


Happy Drinking, Happy Nursing! Let me know what you think.

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