look how much I can type when the hose is on and rita is nursing.

Some lessons learned before 10 am on a Wednesday

– Rita’s new found screaming before 6am is capable of waking an entire household in reverse hierarchical order, which causes Mom to find all three kids in one crib playing “jump over the baby” while Dad continues to snore and sleep undisturbed. 

– 7:00 am pool workout is the greatest way of escaping said crib fiasco. Our marital commitment to encourage hobbies and exercise for the save mom’s sanity. 

– drinking too much coffee before a swim workout equates to a very close call with vomiting in chlorine. 

– Last summer, I blamed being 9 months pregnant on my inability to properly swim backstroke. Rita in utero hated laying on her back just as much as Rita out of utero hates laying on her back. Apparently, my poor backstroke speed and form have only me to blame. 

– Children that are not mine and over the age of three are capable of sitting by the edge of the pool and reading while their mom works out in the pool. Envy almost turned my shivering blue lips green.

– Even when feeling defeated because my backstroke stinks, my children are still impressed that I swam in the big pool “all by myself and without a diaper.” Thanks, kids.

– Showering after a workout is a trick only made possible by a mom magician or saintly children. Chanel N5? No, just chlorine and sweat, but thanks for asking. 

– The hose is my favorite invention since the baby wipe.

– Naptime is still 41/2 hours away. 


Happy mothering to you.

One thought on “look how much I can type when the hose is on and rita is nursing.

  1. awesome post. love it! today with my almost-2-year-old’s cold I got approximately 15 minutes of a Jillian Michaels video done before I gave up….but at least a few endorphins are better than none for happy mommy!

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