There are times, lots of times when James drives me so crazy that I crash. Since a list would be exhausting, here are two clips that sum up most of it.




But then there’s the time when I pick him up from summer bible camp, where the theme is creation, and I ask him what he learned about and he says,

“God made the thunder, and the sky, and the water, and the trees, and the mailboxes, and the flowers, and my house, and all of the babies in mommies bellies!! and he made ME because he loves me!! Isn’t that great, mom? God loves me!”

Great, it is, James.

James: wrapping me around his chubby finger since the end of 2009 no matter how annoying, messy, stubborn, or dramatic.
And on a completely, and totally, unrelated note, I successfully jumped my sister’s car by myself today. I probably shouldn’t be bragging because I think it may be common knowledge, but considering it took be about 10 minutes to figure out how to open the hood of my car, I’m pretty much pumped and proud.

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