As the pus continued to ooz from his

As the pus continued to ooz from his eye, and as he had absolutely no regard or concern or acknowledgement or deliberation as to how close his hand was to the highly contagious bacteria I realized something. 



As an adult, Gross seems like something that should be obvious to anyone, even a child. But, the number of times, I’ve said the following indicates otherwise. 

Stop touching your bum. Don’t grab that diaper with your hand. Why did you play with poop? Why would you ever poop in the bathtub? Don’t touch your face, you have poop on your hand. Don’t eat mud. Hummus and ice cream definitely don’t go together. Ketchup and chocolate don’t taste good. Get your head out of the toilet. He’s pooping, get your head away from his bum. Wash your hands. Let’s take a bath. Thank you for helping, but, I think its better if I change Rita’s diaper with baby wipes and without your hands. That’s disgusting. Why would you do that? That’s not your drink. That’s not your sandwich. Please don’t spit in my drink. That’s garbage. Please throw it away. Who threw this diaper? There is throw up on that! Thats gross. That’s gross, that’s gross, that’s gross. No!! 

It’s sort of a freeing realization. 

But then again, if it takes several years to teach the concept of Gross, I’m not exactly sure how to make the leap to the truth of things, and God and love. 

May your home be less disgusting than mine, and may you always have a baby wipe close by, just in case. 

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