Gang up on Mom Day

Things I said to my kids on Gang up on Mommy (and Rita)  Day (enthusiastically celebrated on May 3)

Get out of Rita’s crib

Go outside

Put down the baby

No throwing footballs at Rita

Go outside

Clean up the cereal

Don’t you dare throw that chair

Rita is not a football

You aren’t allowed to make Rice Krispie treats by yourselves

Go outside

Pull up your pants

Get my jewelry out of the toilet

Makeup is not food

We can’t climb the apple tree until you put on your pants

Stop mooning our neighbors

Get out of the tree, you are naked

No dancing on the table


Don’t touch that, its poop

Take the blanket off of Rita’s face

Go outside

That’s too much hair spray

Rita can’t eat marshmallows yet

Get away from the street

Its not safe to chase cars

Rocks are not for throwing

Its nap time.

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