7 quick tales

7 Quick Takes

This is my very first time participating in a blog link up. Here we go!

1) This morning I needed a few minutes to get dressed sans three crazies. I turned once again to that curious monkey, George, and bolted up the stairs with baby Rita. 10-12 minutes of teeth brushing, putting away laundry, accessorizing a necklace to my t-shirt (!! on a weekday morning !!), and I even managed to take a quick phone call that was never once interrupted by my having to discipline anyone. The lack of Josie’s scampering into my room to dump my jewelry box and ask for lip gloss was slightly concerning, but I thought/dreamed/wished maybe she and her brother were getting along. As I walked down to silent interrupted by friendly giggles, I knew. An entire box of chocolate peanut butter cups all over the family room, all licked, all wasted. The monkey might not be the greatest influence on a girl who manages to climb three shelves to find chocolate that I had hid realllllly well.

2) James and cousin Bailey are suddenly obsessed with good guys and bad guys, but mainly bad guys.
After seeing the sun for the first time since Rita was born.
Regina: Its going to be a nice day!
James: I don’t want to be nice, I want to be a fight!!

After previewing a movie on First communion for my CCD class.
Regina: Did you like the movie?
James: Yes. Jesus loves me. Also, he is bleed in a cup. Did the bad guys do it?

After witnessing a limp, lying on the grass still James.
Regina: Are you ok?!?!
James: Yea, just playing dead because Bailey and the bad guys shot me.

3) I began reading my old favorite book “A Confederacy of Dunces,” for the first time since college. Its now my new favorite book, again.

4) Ever since the weather became warmer than freezing, the kids have wanted to do nothing but turn on the hose and make a mess/soak each other and the neighbors. James offers the sensible rationale that he is “cleaning the mud with his hands because it is so muddy” by soaking the dirt and spreading it all over everything. I think maybe I should care more or tell them to stop, but they are so entertained. As long as I am able to intercept the water bill before Jim sees it, I see no problem with continuing.

5) Rita is borderline crawling. The sane part of me cheers her. The bigger crazy part of me is tempted to pick her up and hold her forever and ever and ever so that she never ever ever grows up so enabling her to permanently remain the relatively immovable ball of perfect joy and giggling, drooling happiness.

6) Yesterday, at my secret shaded park whose existence is unknown to most or all neighborhood residents was invaded by another mom and her daughter. “Are you the nanny?” she said smilingly. “No, I’m the mom,” I said, also smilingly. “To all of them?” “Most of the time!” I said with a chuckle. “Aren’t you a little young to have so many?” she asked confusingly. “Maybe…” I said. My thoughts began to become paranoid. Do I look like a teenage mom? Is it because I can still wear kids jeans? Maybe I should have kept my neon sneakers at home? I liked the park better when the only people there were the ones I invited and have just as many kids as me at 27.

7) I’m beginning to learn that children really do repeat everything they hear, including “I’m going to kill you,” among other unpleasant phrases. Also, they are unaware that they aren’t supposed to be said in public, especially not in preschool parking lots.

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