Quote the Weekend.

The weekend in quotations:

Following a disappointing and painful run:
Regina: “I’m just feeling so old!”
Jim: “You forgot haggard.”

Regina: “We are having bacon for breakfast.”

Bedtime routine
Josie: “I! OUT!! Bed!!! I OUT BED!! I OUT BED!!!” (repeat x100)

James, Louder than loud during all of Mass: “What he sayin?!  Thomas? Why he talkin bout Thomas? Jesus likes trains?!?!

James’ summary of Star Wars:
“Yea, it was bout a bad faddier (father.) So, the fadder killed people and then he went into the fire. He had to. He is killed. Killed. He is killed.”
Clarification: I did not approve of my 3 year old viewing Star Wars in its entirety. But, at his grandfather’s 65th birthday party where kids outnumber adults 3:1, things happen.

JIm: “Josephine Marie! Get out of the car! Wait, is that your name? Regina, what’s Josie’s name?”

Regina: “James, how was the flower exhibit!?”
James: “Good, I went to dinner and saw a lion.”

Regina: “Josie, would you like me or daddy to put you to bed?”
Josie: “See ya later, mama!”

As Josie spilled juice (on purpose.)
James: Ah, Damn it, Josie!
Regina: No, James we don’t say that!
James: But, mom, look, ah damn it, Josie!

When no one would come down for breakfast at 6am like James wanted:
James: “You guys got to come down!”
Family: Not yet.
James: “No body likes me around here.”

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